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Metal Braces: Do I Need My Rubber Bands?

By Dr. Victoria Chen – Significance Orthodontics

Metal braces and rubber bands are not always comfortable when first applied and they may take time to get used to. You may choose to not wear rubber bands but that will only lengthen the time necessary to straighten teeth. Wearing or not wearing rubber bands are not the only options. Get help from your Las Vegas, NV, orthodontists.

What is the Purpose of Your Rubber Bands?

Patients with ceramic or metal braces may also be using rubber bands that work with their braces. Rubber bands are used to provide you with better treatment and improved outcomes. You want straighter teeth. This is the number one reason why people choose to have braces inserted into their mouth. Rubber bands rely on the power of elasticity to effectively straighten crooked and misaligned teeth with added pressure. They reduce the time it takes to correct misaligned teeth. Rubber bands are not used with all forms of braces, such as Invisalign, but those choosing affordable metal or ceramic braces may want to optimize their results with the use of rubber bands.


Rubber bands are especially effective in correcting overbites and underbites. Children and adults can speak to your Las Vegas, NV, orthodontist, Dr. Chen about their braces and how to speed up the time it takes to correct misaligned teeth with the use of rubber bands.

How to Correct Problems Related to Use of Rubber Bands

Rubber bands can take getting used to when first applied. In addition, some orthodontic patients report issues with irritation and more. Your orthodontists in Las Vegas can help with:

You do not have to feel discomfort with rubber bands use with your braces. Call our orthodontics office today to discuss any issues with your rubber bands.