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With over 15,000 beaming smiles transformed since 2007, we have received numerous Significance Orthodontics reviews praising our friendly atmosphere and state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences at our Las Vegas, NV, orthodontic offices.


As a child, I knew that I needed braces. I knew that my teeth were not at the level where I would want them to be which made me insecure. Unfortunately, my parents were not at a place where they were able to afford braces for my sibling and myself. As an adult, I made the decision to do my due diligence and really take the time to look for the best orthodontist for my treatment. I met with four different Orthodontists and Significance Orthodontics was the best option for me. My close friend had previously been treated by Dr. Victoria, along with his family, so this gave me a peace of mind.


The initial consultation with Dr. Victoria and the financial coordinator was great. They were both straight forward and very detailed when explaining the process of the treatment course. You can tell that Dr. Victoria has a passion for what she does. She explained in detail what my treatment course would entail and spoke to me in terms that I could relate to. This made me feel cared for as an individual. Even after informing Dr. Victoria that I was weighing my options on which office I would start treatment with, she respected my decision and even offered assistance for future regardless on which my decision.


My experience as a Titanium patient has been an exceptional one. I felt like I could call at any time for any reason. I was never on hold for more than a minute or two. All my questions were always answered. I never had a wait time for appointments. The care shown from the entire staff from top to bottom always made me feel much appreciated.


I chose the Titanium program because I am young. The value of the benefits in this package was a steal in my eyes. Spending the additional fund for this was a no brainer. Although I do believe and trust myself to be complaint with my retainers, you cannot predict the future. The most important benefit in the Titanium Program must be the unlimited retainers and unlimited repairs of broken brackets. In terms of having to spend additional money on replacement through my lifetime, the outcome would be more expensive. Clearly, this plan was the best option for me.


Since being treated, I can honestly say that my confidence has skyrocketed. One year into my two years of treatment, the difference was noticeable. It felt good knowing that my results were going to be great and I was so excited. This experience has motivated me to pursue modeling. I am excited to show off my teeth. I would definitely recommend Significance Orthodontics to everyone.

— Anthony Harvenek

I did not like the way my teeth looked, they stuck out and I had a deep overbite. I was not confident and didn’t like my smile. I wanted to fix my teeth to be confident. I felt that straight teeth and a nice smile would make me feel better about myself.


I was very nervous and anxious upon arrival of the consultation. I did not know what to expect and was apprehensive about treatment since the only expectation for the visit were from word of mouth from friends who had been previously treated by other orthodontists. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and painless the process was. I was walked through the entire through the entire treatment course which gave me so much relief.


With scheduling constraints, having priority appointments were such a great benefit. It made the process less stressful knowing we could be taken care of at anytime without any limitations. We have a tight schedule so this is so beneficial to us that we were able to be accommodated as needed. Also, I liked not having to worry about how many broken brackets I had, which I had a lot.


Our family enjoyed the gifts you sent by mail. They were pleasant surprises. You always thought of us during the holidays and my birthdays.


The lifetime warranty as being a Titanium patient is the most important benefit to us. It’s good to know if I have to be retreated, there won’t be additional fees. Also, having the priority appointments without limitations is great. We could come in at a moment’s notice and we would be taken care of.


My life has changed quite a bit. I actually feel very confident now. I can laugh and smile without having to worry about covering up my teeth, which I used to. I can smile and laugh without having to think about it. We would recommend Titanium plan to patients as the unlimited benefits are priceless.

— Gracen Sirota

We were initially referred by our general dentist to Dr. Victoria as he presented with a severe overbite. We were looking for a solution for Maddox. We were also looking for the best services.


Dr. Victoria was very thorough and upfront. Everything was explained perfectly and treatment was able to be started on the same day.


We were interested in the best treatment options available for Maddox and Kaylee. The Titanium program was the best program that catered to our needs. We were pleased with the idea of unlimited broken bracket replacements, accommodating priority appointments and of course, lifetime warranty was a major benefit to us.


Everyone at Significance Orthodontics was always very attentive. Maddox and Kaylee enjoyed being greeted with goodies and the Titanium packages are something we look forward to as a family. They make us feel special.


“I felt a lot better about my smile, which gave me more confidence. Although I did not wear my retainer and I am currently being retreated for my second time, I am happy that I have that benefit to be able to retreat without limitations and not to paying for treatment again”, said Maddox.

— Maddox & Kaylee Conklin

Our family was referred to Dr. Victoria by our general dentist due to possible impactions, this was a major concern to us.


Everyone was pleasant and informative. Emma was on observation for over a year, the appointments were at no cost to me. Once it was determined that Emma needed braces at her recall appointment, financials were discussed and braces were placed the same day. “


Going into orthodontic treatment, we were apprehensive about whether Emma would be responsible with her braces. The unlimited broken brackets benefit was such an appealing benefit to us. Not having to worry about additional costs gave us a peace of mind. Choosing the “higher premium program” with unlimited benefits and priority scheduling was worth the upgrade.


Our appointments were always pleasant. I recall my father taking her to an adjustment appointment and he was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism. He compared that office visit to a visit at a spa. Everyone addressed us with such a pleasant and professional manner. We were always offered snacks and special drinks. My father was surprised to hear that this was the type of treatment that was provided at every visit.


Emma’s teeth were not into too bad of a shape, so it was more of medically necessary reason for treatment. However, she was very happy with the outcome of her beautiful smile. Emma absolutely enjoyed going to the orthodontic visits. She loved everyone and had a fun experience throughout her treatment.

— Emma Cacciatore

I was referred over to Dr. Victoria by my general dentist because of my severe crowding. I always wanted to correct my teeth. However, I was finally in a point in life where I was able to afford quality dental treatment. I really wanted to perfect my smile.


My first visit was easy. I felt like I was in good hands. The financial process was actually simple. All my questions were answered and everything explained to the very last detail. I was comfortable enough to start treatment that same day.


The Platinum plan was best program for me. I have been retreated three times in three years with no questions asked! I can definitely say it is my “security blanket.” My overcrowding was a concern and I knew with this plan I could be retreated without issues. There really are no hidden fees and no questions asked when scheduling your retreatment.


My experience was great. It was always my favorite place to come every other month and I looked forward to it. Everyone is always hospitable in a good mood. I absolutely loved going in!

I love how many compliments I receive for my smile. My oral hygiene has improved dramatically since being treated. It is much easier to maintain. The backing of the Platinum program is priceless!

— Brandii Stocks

Let’s just start with the staff – the staff in the front are so welcoming. Dr. Chen, her vibe is so sweet and the little rap song after the braces, amazing. Just an all around good experience. My daughter went in nervous and after seeing how welcoming the staff was and how they showered her with compliments, she was ready for braces.

Jasmine W.

Today was my first visit/consultation and I’m leaving with braces. They took very good care of me. Michelle, Carmen, and the ortho doctor were all very caring. Super excited to start my journey with braces!

Michelle L.

It was a great experience for me. All the workers are kind and informative. Also, I felt welcome to bring any questions about my braces to them. I’m genuinely happy with the sevices these last two years. Thank you very much, everyone at significance orthodontics.

Chris I.

I grew up in this place and it’s honestly been the best experience ever. I’ve never felt so at home in a place. And I felt like I’m part of a family.

Nyah R.

Great service and very patient helped my teeth look a lot better than they used to! Will definitely recommend to family and friends.

Peter E.

Since the first consultation, I felt very comfortable. Dr. Chen and her staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I always felt safe and secure. Never felt any pain either. Just some tightness when they first put on the braces and bands. Even when I didn’t wear my rubber bands, they didn’t make me feel bad. I can’t wait to see what my new smile will look like. Only one more session to go until they remove my braces. Really excited! Highly recommend!

John M.

Significance has always done a marvelous job! I’ve been visiting their North Las Vegas location for about two to three years now and they never disappoint! Great staff of hard working ladies.

Eldinn M.

I recently got my braces on and I loved the office. Carmen worked efficiently and was overall great. If anyone is looking for an office to get their braces, I recommend coming to Significance Orthodontics. Their staff is amazing.

Destiny A.

I LOVE Dr. Chen! This is my second time here and I would never go to anyone else (I lost my retainer, so I had to come back again due to my teeth shifting). The staff is AMAZING and their customer service exceeds any place I’ve ever visited. I feel comfortable and I feel like family. Every visit was smooth, easy, and enjoyable. The office is clean and well kept. From beginning to end, I’ve had the BEST experience. Thanks Dr. Chen and staff!

Krissy T.

I really appreciate this orthodontist. I got my braces off in under two years. Everyone is so kind and made me feel so welcomed. They always treated me good. I wouldn’t have ask to come to a better place. I highly recommend this place if you’re in need of braces.

Alicia R.

The staff at Significance Orthodontics is always so pleasant to work with, and scheduling is easy. The office is always clean and well put together. My daughter is on a two-year plan for her braces, but will most likely complete her treatment sooner because the Dr. knows what she is doing. I highly recommend.

Jess R.

Everyone here was very respectful. Dr. Victoria was very admirable. Daisy was very helpful. I couldn’t have been more happy with the progress when putting on my braces – super fast and convenient. The girl putting on my braces was super cool and chill, I can’t remember her name, but she was the best.

Fabian R.

I enjoyed being treated by Significance Orthodontics! Dr. Chen and her staff are very welcoming and they always made me feel at ease. I’ll miss going to my appointments. I would definitely recommend this place to all my family members and friends!

Nancy C.

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Chen and her team! They make you feel welcomed and treat you like family. Everyone is so kind and attentive. My son just got his braces today. He was really nervous, but everyone made him feel at ease! He walked out smiling from ear to ear. If anyone is considering braces, this is the place to be!

Giselle S.

I love this place! I always get so excited when I have an orthodontic appointment! They are so welcoming every time you walk in! Great staff and always helpful. Just got my braces off today after about three years and I’m very satisfied with how they turned out!

Gianna L.

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