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Why Is Flossing So Important When I Have Braces? By Henderson, NV Orthodontist

Flossing with braces

By Dr. Victoria Chen – Significance Orthodontics Flossing is an important part of maintaining good oral health because it removes plaque and food debris that cannot be dislodged from brushing. Flossing also helps prevent gum disease and can help prevent tooth decay. Yes, everyone who is serious about their dental health should make flossing part […]

Metal Braces: Do I Need My Rubber Bands?

metal braces

By Dr. Victoria Chen – Significance Orthodontics Metal braces and rubber bands are not always comfortable when first applied and they may take time to get used to. You may choose to not wear rubber bands but that will only lengthen the time necessary to straighten teeth. Wearing or not wearing rubber bands are not the […]

Damaged Braces. What Now? By Your Favorite North Las Vegas Orthodontists

broken braces

By Dr. Victoria Chen – Significance Orthodontics Most damage can be corrected with a visit to your local orthodontic office. Treatment depends on the type of issue that has occurred to your braces or your mouth. Our North Las Vegas, NV orthodontists share common issues that can happen with braces and what can be done about the problem to get your […]

Clear Braces: Learn The Benefits From Las Vegas Orthodontists

Clear Braces In North Las Vegas

By Dr. Victoria Chen – Significance Orthodontics What Are the Benefits of Clear Braces? Clear braces offer many advantages to traditional metal braces. Clear braces from your orthodontists in Las Vegas are the same size and shape as their stainless steel cousins and provide the same terrific results, but they are less visually evident so you’ll have […]

4 Worst Candies For Braces By North Las Vegas NV, Orthodontists

worst candy for braces

By Dr. Victoria Chen – Significance Orthodontics Halloween is finally here, be sure to ask your North Las Vegas, NV, orthodontists which candies to avoid this holiday!   To get straight teeth and the perfect smile, you may have recently obtained braces from your North Las Vegas orthodontists. Unfortunately, braces can limit the types of food that you eat. Certain foods can get […]